Concept guns

Let's start from a basic concept: genius is simple. But you need to have that gift. Next, you need to exercise it and to do so your need a suitable place, where the environment and work culture enable, or rather are conducive to creating a new project from scratch, which is often requires being evaluated with one suspicious eye, one curious eye, and an eye for innovation. Wait, three eyes? Of course. Because genius resides in that third eye, that sees things before anyone else does and unveils them to the eyes of the common people. At Benelli, the best designers, in collaboration with the company's research and experience department, are always ready to push ahead and look for new solutions by combining technical knowledge with creative flair. From 2005 to the present day, Benelli has drawn inspiration from mass-produced models to create concept designs, semi-automatic prototypes with new advanced technological content. Like concept cars, concept guns are born to demonstrate ability, they are not just futuristic studies of style and design, but contain elements and solutions that often become real innovations that flow into mass-produced products.